One Thousand Blades of Grass: Graphics, Gameplay, and E3 2017

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3 Responses

  1. Moonshine says:

    Here, here!

  2. ezanee says:

    I’m a late fan of SoD, but it was thanks to your blog’s opinion and experience pieces on it years after its initial release, that influenced me to give it a try. I really enjoyed its systems in social simulation and the need for community in order to have a fighting chance of survival. So I was very happy to see SoD2 announced.

    The other announcements from the XBoX presser were very bombastic, and Sony’s tone was quite muted compared to previous years. However, I am cautiously optimistic for Bioware’s new IP despite the cringe-y voice chat in the demo. Ubi’s presentation was alright, but nothing left a strong impression on me. AssCreed I will give a chance because I want it to be good. Otherwise, I am more inclined to look forward to the indie/smaller releases more and more with each passing E3.

    That said, Monster Hunter World and Ni No Kuni II look boss.

    • Alisha Karabinus says:

      Ugh, that voice chat in Anthem, YES. At first I thought may be they were trying to be in character? And then I realized they weren’t and it felt fake and forced. But the game looks really cool so I could ignore it.

      Same with the indies, though. I found myself really noticing how many games require shooting and exploring and thinking, man, as much as I love shooting and exploring, is this really all there is?

      That said, of course, I’m all about shooting and exploring in SoD. 😀