Creating Characters Who Are Seen: On Monstress, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Agency

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  1. Adam says:

    I really enjoyed hearing this perspective and that found it so interesting hearing Lui’s comment, “I wanted to reverse that and tell a story with five women for every one man, and not comment on it. ” I loved the installments of Monstress I’ve read so far, but literally my one complaint was that there were no men in story for a signficant portion of the story and all of a sudden, a few show up with no explanation. I thought it kind of broke the world for me because they made me believe men don’t exist in this world, until they appeared in a chapter for no particular reason. Most people don’t see stories that focus on men and think it’s weird when a woman shows up with no signficance. That is such an interesting statement she is making and I’m glad it was pointed out. Looking forward to reading Volume 2.