Episode 17: You Say Feminist Whore Like It’s a Bad Thing: Race and Gender in Dead Island and Deus Ex

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4 Responses

  1. Vinh T. says:

    I can’t seem to create an account on iTunes and comment on your podcast page, but I’ll post my comment here instead.

    I’ll give the Podcast 4/5. It’s very nice to hear women talk about PC games. That’s something I’m not used to hearing. I loved the ‘Day of sex’ story too LOL. Keep up the good work!

  2. Erik Hanson says:

    I’m interested to know what conferences you all plan on attending.

    Thanks for another great episode!

  1. September 9, 2011

    […] 17 (“You Say Feminist Whore Like It’s a Bad Thing”) of the Not Your Mama’s Gamer podcast is up! We are celebrating with a contest. Win a FREE COPY of Deus Ex: Human Revolution!! […]