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Since its inception in 2011, Not Your Mama’s Gamer has been a fully self-funded enterprise. As of April 2015, we hope you’ll consider coming on board via our Patreon, a service that allows readers and fans to subscribe to special content in exchange for a small monthly fee. You set the terms, cancel when you want, and get rewards if you so choose. Patrons get access to exclusive updates about plans for the site, projects in progress, and in return, you’ll be helping us grow the site, expand content, buy necessary equipment, and pay the basic costs of maintaining the site. We’ve been through a lot of big changes recently, and we’d like to keep the momentum going. Will you be a part of that?

Update as of November 2015: We’ve recently restructured our Patreon and now patrons who pledge $5 or more gain access to a special extra monthly podcast in which we’ll talk about gaming news or deeply analyze a particular title. If you like our podcast, you won’t want to miss this.

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