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wireless-5This is a continually updated list of diverse sites, podcasts, and more. Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook if you have a recommendation for a site or resource that should be added. 

The original list was co-created by Samantha Blackmon and Alisha Karabinus just before the relaunch of Offworld, but we’ve since updated with some new discoveries and recommendations from friends.


Gaming and/or Gaming-Related Sites:

Academic and Inclusive:

Podcasts and More:


Fora and Discussion Sites:

Non-gaming Sites with Occasional Gaming Focus:

Resources and Other:

Obviously, there are a lot of great regular gaming sites we would recommend, many of which often take feminist angles or write about representation in games, but it’s not like we need to direct you to a site like Paste Magazine or Polygon, or writers like Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez; you’re probably already reading them. If, however, we’ve missed something you think should be included here, let us know! We may never be able to manage the one true master list, but there can never be too much spotlight on voices so often silenced.