Bravely Default, Chobits, and the Lack of Consent

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5 Responses

  1. Naoto says:

    … but the game doesn’t make the red mage okay. Are you sure you played it? Because it sounds like if you did, you missed the point. It very clearly states that the Red Mage is wrong for his thinking and the characters all hate him for it. That it’s NOT okay.

    As a sexual assault victim myself, the game made it pretty clear to me that the Red Mage is terrible for his line of thinking. It doesn’t apologize or try to explain it away, or make the player try to see it from his view point like he ~~might~~~ have a point. Because he DOESN’T. Like the characters state. Repeatedly.

    The comments about women from the Sage and Ringabel are not treated as cute or funny either. The girls comment about the way some of their outfits look and they make it clear they dislike it and how the men are terrible people for their comments.

    If you’re having these kinds of problems, maybe you shouldn’t just play games until you can work through them, because you’re definitely overthinking and dwelling on issues that aren’t actually there.

    • Jynx Boyne says:

      I did play the game, and I’m actually a quite a bit further than when I originally wrote this article. And though I saw what you are talking about–the stares, the rolling of eyes by Edea and Agnes, their actions were always undermined to me. It was not until Ringabell was the one who said “you’re a monster” (or what have you) that it seemed the level of the Red Mage’s evil was confirmed. But you’re right, the Red Mage was never good, and will never be good, by the game’s standards.

      Ringabel is not a good character, and I hope I didn’t come off as saying he’s redeemable either–he’s not. But, to me, the game does not seem to support this. I think it wants us to see him as redeemable. The times they tried to brush Ringabell off or did not accept his advances, he turns instead to Tiz for support. And thought Tiz never supports his actions, he never condemns them either (due to his naivety). They just shake their head, let him run off with a new girl each night, never condemning his actions nor doing anything to stop them. And that doesn’t seem right to me.

      I thank you for your advice about not playing games that make me uncomfortable, but one important way I learn is to face problems like these head on. I hoped I didn’t overthink it–maybe I did, maybe I did a lot of false comparisons–but avoiding the very things that show the problems in full light prevents me from moving forward.

  2. Doug S. says:

    By the way: It’s been a while since I played Bravely Default, but I’m pretty sure that Edea never does return Ringabel’s affections. 😉

  3. Hex Enchanter says:


    Not until she realises who he really is.