The End of Visceral and the Future of Perpetual

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  1. Nissa says:

    I do something similar – spend my time in FFXIV and Granblue Fantasy rather than playing anything in my ever-expanding backlog of games I ostensibly love. For a while, I wondered if it meant I didn’t really like the things I think I do – the personal games, the narrative games.

    But that’s not it. Not for me. When I sit down to play a game, it’s easy to play those two eternal, endless games than it is to start something new. I don’t need to choose anything. That’s big. How do you choose which of the 500 games you’ve been meaning to play as being more immediately worth playing than any of the others? I have no idea. So I don’t. And FFXIV and Granblue are more urgent. There’s always something I can do to progress on an ongoing project, something that needs my attention. It’s a fake sort of productivity that feels very good. Playing something new? That’s a risk. I might waste an evening. But playing those games has the guaranteed reward of moving forward at something, even if it’s ultimately not anything meaningful.

    How do we address this? Well, I do two things. First: I support games I care about even if I don’t play them. I’d rather vote with my wallet AND my hours, but at least I have the privilege of being able to do one of the two. Second: I play small games that people I trust are talking about. There are so many small, inexpensive personal games on sites like that provide fascinating, novel experiences that are done with in an hour, or less even. When it works, I get a bite-sized narrative experience that gives me far more than I’ve invested. When it doesn’t, I still have time for something else, and I’ve put a few bucks into the pocket of an independent dev who’s making cool stuff (even if it’s not exactly cool stuff for me).

    I’d still rather play all the wonderful games I buy instead of the same two games forever, but at least I feel like I’m doing something to help make the gaming world a slightly better place.