On Sexual Silence and Violent Voice In the Military (Shooter)

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2 Responses

  1. mgs fan says:

    I believe your mistaken about Quiet being in mgs5 ground zeroes as in ground zeroes it’s immediately after peace walker.
    this part is spoilers for peace walker but Paz is shown in uncut phantom pain trailer it looks directly from ground zeroes & fits description of Paz having field surgery to remove a bomb.
    In peace walker Paz is a triple agent for the antagonist in mgs5 which her true employer is a c.i.a. ish type organization so when her employer thinks she turned on cipher she is punished by cipher for doubts of her loyalty.

    An easier way to explain this is mgs isn’t technically about war but black ops like c.i.a. kgb etc, which are outside of law due to having deniability of actions by sanctioned government bodies. The whole war on terror is also possible undertones as well seeing as ground zeroes is basically taking place in gitmo. Phantom pain’s locations thus far afghanistan, cyprus, & africa. Also theres no torture references in mgs5 gz description so Quiet isn’t in mgs5 gz she’s in phantom pain

  2. dr. b. says:

    You may be right mgs fan, but as I said this is just speculation on my part. I am just trying to put the clips together with Kojima’s promise of a backstory that will justify Quiet’s attire. I am anxious to see how this plays out even though I admittedly suck at stealth games! Thanks for the insight.