Final Fantasy VII Remake: Questions, Concerns, and Euphoria

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2 Responses

  1. yeah I hope the cross dressing scene stays in cause that would make the beautiful Big Bro pissed

  2. Lithp says:

    Bluntly, I do not think the game will work today unless they aim for M. The “sex stuff” will probably be fine, America is easing up on that, but the language, themes, & even some of the violence, I don’t see a T game getting away with. Even in 1997, they had to make Aerith’s dead bloodless in order to get away with it (which, as an aside, makes me wonder if they should add it back in if they do go for M).

    I’m also not sure I like the talk about changing the battle system. But everything else I’ve heard so far has been great, so I’m sort of skeptically optimistic.